Roll on September

It seems like the school holidays go on forever, especially when I'm trying to concentrate on something! Working from home definitely has its advantages but sometimes I miss having somewhere separate. I might try the library one day as it has a lot of free desks and power sockets, and free Wi-Fi most importantly!

I've been fairly busy since getting back from the Isle of Wight with various things. We went to a friend's housewarming the weekend before last. It used to be the case that we were the only people turning up with kids but now everyone else is catching up. Now that ours are older it means we can almost relax and sit down whilst they entertain themselves! It was good to catch up with people and to see people react to the beard (which is now 2 months old).

I had to go on a speeding awareness course last week after getting caught a few months ago (Kitty was late for a ballet rehearsal and I was stuck in traffic for half an hour - doesn't excuse it obviously!) It w…

Isle of Wight 2017

If I was going to sum up the week in a single word, I'd probably choose "wet". Whilst it wasn't an entirely wet week, it started off very wet and windy (not great weather for putting up an awning in) and ended very wet (stuck in traffic on the M25 for most of the afternoon and the caravan storage site was soaked).

The Wednesday was fairly relaxed after we had got the caravan set up - we went to The Griffin for dinner (it was still raining so no hedge maze this time) and then went back to the venue to see the magician - in previous years he had an airzooka but he didn't this time.

On the Thursday we went to Robin Hill for the first time - previously we've only been to Blackgang Chine but we thought we'd go for the joint park ticket this time. It was still a little wet but we still had a fun day, thankfully the rain stopped long enough for us to have a go on the toboggan run which was a lot of fun! There were also lots of climbing areas and things for the c…

Time going quickly

I can't believe it's almost August already. The summer holidays have started and we're off to the Isle of Wight next week!

Last Friday was the last day of term for Nicky and Kitty. They both had excellent school reports and we had some of their Christmas money left over, so we bought a trampoline for the garden. We got it set up before they came home on Friday so it was a nice surprise for them!

So holiday next week and I have nothing ready - I've got to sort out some clothes and make sure they still fit! I'm stuck between sizes at the moment, M is a little too small whilst L is too large, I'm determined to get back to my pre-hernia weight so I'm trying not to buy clothes until then. I've managed a few bike rides recently and hopefully I can get fit again without getting injured!

Not much else to write about, other than the progress of 'Project Riker'. I've not shaved since Glastonbury and am almost looking respectable, rather than simply to…

Glastonbury and the Red Bull Soapbox Race

It's been yet another busy month so haven't had time to write everything down. Glastonbury was great, the first day was sweltering and we spent most of it looking for shade, so didn't explore as much as we normally would. Luckily they let us go to the front of the queue to get in so that the kids would avoid being in the sun too long, which I was exceedingly thankful for! 
My festival highlights would include Foo Fighters, Mik Artistik's Ego Trip, Chic with Nile Rodgers and Liam Gallagher. Lowlights would include Ed Sheeran and Radiohead. Radiohead in particular was disappointing because of the crowd - I couldn't hear the songs over people talking, no matter how near the front I got, so I left before the encore. I heard Creep on the way back to the caravan so I've heard it twice out of the three times I've seen them! I've setup an album of photos which can be seen here. Last weekend we went to Alexandra Palace to see the Red Bull Soapbox Race. There we…

Where did the time go?

2017 seems to be going past so quickly, we're already in June and a week away from Glastonbury! Everything has been so hectic this year that I've not really had a break, and Anna has been busy helping out with the election too. I'd quite like life to be a bit less interesting and slow paced for a while. I have a persistent calf injury which is really bothering me now. It's not affecting my cycling, but that's mainly because I've either not got times or I'm too tired to go for a ride at the moment. It seems that I'm always suffering with one injury or another just before Glastonbury. I'll have to get a support or brace or something to make sure I'm still mobile. I've been out two of the past three weekends, catching up with friends in London. It was great to catch up with people but there's a reason those were my first two days out in many months, I'm too old for all day drinking now! Half term was very busy as Kitty had a ballet show…


My mood seems to be up and down at the moment. I'm so fed up with politics and the constant "strong and stable" nonsense. I'm trying to block it all out as I know I can't affect it in any way (we live in a safe Tory seat). I've also not been sleeping well this week which means I've not been coping well with life. I'm glad it's the weekend now and work is finished with! Hopefully the weekend will be quieter and I can actually relax, but I wouldn't put any money on it. My legs have been holding out and I've been on a few rides over the last couple of weeks. Last week I cycled 58km which is the longest I've managed since September 2015. I ached afterwards but it felt good! Hopefully I can build up something kind of fitness base again. Last weekend Nicky and Kitty took part in a capoeira festival, and both of them moved up to a yellow cord. It was great to see how much more confident they have become since starting, and it was also great w…

Nicky's mascot experience

Nicky has been collecting Match Attax cards for a while now. Despite previously only showing a limited interest in football, he's now become very interested in it and we've been to see Southend play three times (each time he's been, Southend have scored three goals and won). With each pack of Match Attax you get a "Pro 11" card featuring a code which you can enter online and unlock digital cards to use online. The Champions League versions of these cards offer entry into a competition to be a mascot for a Champions League game. Nicky kept pestering me to enter these codes online, saying that he might win the star prize. As a cynical 36-year-old (the biggest prize I ever won was a set of Play-Doh from a local newspaper) I let him enter the codes, but told him that he was almost certainly not going to win anything.

So much to my surprise, a couple of weeks ago (the day we were traveling to Clacton) I got an email from Topps (the company who make Match Attax) with t…